How to organize digital photos and information about them

I have a lot of digital photos that I want to organize, but I can’t think of the best way to do it. Does anyone have any advice?

To be more specific, I have done a lot of paintings, and I want to start selling them. You can see my paintings here, though those are old photos, and I have recently taken better, higher resolution photos of all the paintings. Since I’ve taken all these new photos, I thought I would put them in Excel, and then I could have columns with the title and size and comments; and once I started selling paintings I could put how much I sold them for and to who, and whatever other information. However, it seems that you can’t actually put a picture into a cell in Excel. I know I could make a spreadsheet of just the title and whatever other information, but it can be hard for me to remember which painting a title is referring to, since I have over 100 paintings.

Does anyone have any advice? Any programs or websites that might make it easier? I thought it would be best if I have my stuff at least somewhat organized now before I get my website set up and start selling stuff. Thanks in advance for any help.

I learned this from making spreadsheets about playing cards.

My advice is to label each picture beginning with a meaningful number. In most cases, YYYYMMDD is sufficient. However, you might want to make your own easy to remember system.

The number has to be first to allow Windows/Excel to sort for you.

I have thousands of pictures and adding new ones each day. My procedure is this.

  1. Take many shots with different settings.
  2. Download all pics to a desktop file that has a very large recognizable icon. Allow the scanner wizard to name the file with the date plus an image number.
  3. Immediately review and enhance those pictures that are keepers. Save those keepers with a name attached to the date. The name should be one that has significance for me. Note: All pictures are resized using RIOT to about 200KB.
  4. Every few months, clear this entire file to a “Saved edited pics” file.
    I can back up these two files to CDs or other disks periodically.

With only 100 pics, I could memorize them all!!

Thanks for the advice y’all. I found Picasa and I think I’m going to use that, since I can have it on my computer and it has tags that I can use to save information about the pictures.

I highly recommend XNView, it’s great and free

Was just going to suggest that :slight_smile:

It has the added benefit of being able to upload directly to Picasaweb, Facebook, and maybe Flickr too.