How to overcome static on radio?

I’m in an office building in Manhattan. Sometimes when I do paperwork I like to listen to the radio in the background. Most of the time the reception is excellent. Right now I have terrible static on both AM and FM. It’s not total static, I can struggle and hear what’s going on, but that’s not the point.

I’m thinking of getting a cable hookup for my computer. Would that solve it? Could I listen to the local radio stations? Or is there anything I can buy that might fix this problem immediately?

Update: Now it’s just a problem on AM, and just a few stations in the middle. FM has spontaneously healed. Does this change anything?

I hate modern pocket radios that can’t pick up the weaker FM signals without static, and even more annoying, interferrance from other stations (particularly bad rock stations). Usually it’s because they no longer have mono settings.

I’d use the computer/Internet. When walking around, we’re screwed.

This is not specific to your question, but WFUV has some radio reception tips …including some antennas suggestions that might be of general use.

If WFUV is what you listen to (I do), you can listen to it live over its internet simulcast. Other stations may also have simulcasts as well.

What kind of radio do you have – battery, plug-in, big or small?

Problems with AM reception are often the result of a bad ground, with FM the problem is usually a bad antenna. Of course, that doesn’t help iof you can’t fix either one.

If you can, try plugging in an external antenna. If you have a pull out antenna, try attaching a piece of wire to it to increase total length to around 30 inches.

Either AM or FM, keep the radio away from computer monitors and flourescent lights. They wreak havoc on reception.

It’s a relatively small plug-in radio.

If it’s a ground problem, would that explain the intermittent nature of it? Most of the time it’s OK. And the problem seems to be in the middle range of stations.

I will give you the same advice I gave on FM reception inside a bldg.

However, while it worked for me, it was ignored, there, so I suppose your results might very, and furthermore more, it is only a solution to FM. No matter what radio you have, the AM antenna is internal, and you must physically move the radio to get better reception. Also, this guy has advice on how to improve reception.