How to pan-fry stuffs that are supposed to be deep-fried?

I got some raw chicken wings and legs, and I got the coating mix, but the problem is, it is supposed to be deep-fryed, but I don’t want to spend so much oil for just for one meal, so I pan-fry instead. But how do I get the same or similar result as deep-frying via pan-frying? Any techniqus? I suppose it takes longer and you need to turn them over once or twice? Thanks.

you can re-use deep-frying oil so long as you don’t overheat it.

Try slow frying. Have the fire high long enough to heat the oil initially, add the chicken once the oil is hot, and once the chicken starts to get golden, lower the heat. Cooking it on low heat will let it cook all the way through without burning the outside.

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Pan fried chicken is not hard. Put about an inch of oil or shortening in a large skillet and heat it to 350. Place the breaded chicken pieces in and allow them to cook for about ten to fifteen minutes until they are brown with a dark brown spot where they contacted the pan. Turn once to and set on a rack to drain.

The temperature is important. Use a pan that will retain heat such as a cast iron pan. If you have leg quarters instead of drum sticks they may take a little longer. Once they are done do not leave them in or return them to the oil. They will just absorb oil into the crust. If you don’t get a good crust your oil is not hot enough. Don’t crowd your pan it will make temperature control harder.

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To clarify:
When you say to turn once then rack and drain, I’m assuming that you are letting the other side cook as well. How long Di you generally let the second side cook?

When I cook pork chops, the flip side can be for a shorter duration than the initial cool meat, and I can’t see only cooking one side of chicken and then serving.

Nice write-up though, thanks for the straight forward instructions

Cook the second side for the same ten to fifteen minutes. Check it at say ten minutes.

And fill the pan with enough oil to come halfway up the side of whatever you’re cooking.

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