How to patent/otherwise develop a good idea.

In short, I have a good idea. This idea, I believe, has some potential to generate revenue, if I can find the correct avenue to develop it.

A little more detail: This idea isn’t an invention, it’s a combination of existing technologies (or modifications thereof) all incorporated into a system. Its main function, in my mind, would be implemented on a rather large scale. It isn’t something which I could probably build a working model/example of myself, without extensive training and possibly monetary resources. I also don’t know all the technical details of how the system would work, though that is slightly more in reach.

I’m not exactly sure of where to go from here. I’ll assume that those “inventor’s resources” commercials on TV wouldn’t be of much help, but other than that, where do I go? I scanned the US patent office’s website a couple days ago, but it unfortunately wasn’t much help.

Perhaps this would be better for IMHO, I’m not sure. I’m looking for concrete options about what to do with this idea, but I’m also looking for the best option, so either way. Mods, your call.

Already covered in this thread. Also, there are links to quite a few other threads that had similar topics buried in there somewhere.