how to pay for "free" movies

given the prevalence of P2P filesharing and the serious unlikelyhood that it can ever be completely controled, what would the general doper population suggest as alternative means for Studios to get money for their works?
In other words, how would you guys think it would be possible to make money through file sharing of movies?
This is for cases AFTER cinematic release (so they’re still selling theater tickets and its still illegal to record in theaters).
Completely conjectural of course, so just throw out ideas (but please give them at least a LITTLE thought)

My 2c:

1)Stream movies with adverts - don’t really like the concept personally, but there is prescedent since this is how they paid for tv broadcasts since before pay tv.

2)Charge by download. - work sort of like telephone billing in Europe and S. america. You get a flat rate for certain amount of bandwidth, extra for movies/music. I dont see it as a problem to trigger some type of program to keep an eye out for specific filetypes in the stream.

You guys?

Do you really think that the movie industry would accept either of these proposals?

For them to accept money in exchange for pirated downloads of movies would legitimatize the practice, which is something they definitely do not want to do.


I think the OP is suggesting, rather, that the industry try to pre-empt the illegal activity my offering a legal, fee-paying equivalent.

The music industry has been somewhat successful with selling their products online, so I’d guess that something similar will eventually exist for movies and TV shows. I wonder how much a movie would cost?

They already have websites where you can download movies. I searched on google and came up with a bunch of websites that said they offered legal movie downloads. My friend uses one of these services, but he isn’t online so I can’t ask which. I think