How to Peel a potato in 5 seconds.

Tried this today for lunch and it works. Mashed it with a fork and added butter, salt and pepper. yum!

It would be a huge time saver for making potato salad.

Neat if it works. I would prefer my potatoes unpeeled but then who am I to …

**But there is a big catch. ** :smiley:

This trick works.

But, it takes longer to boil a whole potato.

Anyone making mashed potatoes or potato salad would chop them up. They boil and cook faster if they are chopped first.

I guess you could dunk the chopped pieces in ice water to peel. But it would be a hassle.

I’m really happy that I constantly keep a pot of 114 degree water laying around, and a bowl of ice water to boot!

Seriously, I am almost certain that I could peel 10 or more potatoes using a standard peeler before that water got to the necessary temperature.

That’s what confused me.

I’m assuming that you boil the potato to cook it and then twist off the skin.

It would be crazy to stick the potato in boiling water to only remove the skin.

Not practical but neat.