How to pronounce Penge?

As in “Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders?” Is it Pen-gee, Pen-<hard g sound as in geese>ee, or something else?

One syllable, soft G. Like Penj-illette

Rhymes with “Stonehenge”.

I don’t know. I hear it’s very nice, but I’ve never been there myself

I just read that Rumpole book myself last year. Good to see his first and arguably greatest case finally described in detail!

On a similar note, Jill Paton Walsh just released her latest Peter Wimsey novel,** The Attenbury Emeralds**, which were Peter’s first case - although not his greatest. It’s pretty good. Not Sayers, but good.

Penge? No it’s not. There’s a reason why it sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.