How to pronounce this Hungarian town?

That is funny as the word means something along the lines of Community Center.

Works on a few different levels.




That word needs to be incorporated into English as it is so useful.


Also, FTR:

*A légpárnás hajom tele van angolnával.

For English speakers, I think I’d go with SHAH-tor-raw-yaw-OO-ee-hay. UY doesn’t make all that much sense to us. The extra r is there to emphasize that the R goes straight into the next syllable without stopping. And, of course, I used hay instead of hey because ay is more common than ey.

Whichever way works. “UY” is meant to convey an “oo” sound with a “y” at the end of it (/u:j/). “OOY” would have been a better spelling. I don’t ever recall ever having difficulty making that sound, but, if it’s difficult, you can do “OO-ee,” like you say, and it should be close enough. “Hey” I just spelled because the interjection “hey” is the first thing that popped into my head. “Hay” is fine, too.