How to quickly remove carbonation from beer/soda?

A co-worker has undergone gastric bypass surgery and can no longer have carbonated beverages. She is, however, going to a festival with free beer this weekend and was wondering how to get carbonation out of the beer without waiting for it to get warm or causing a splendid mess. (Not that she should be drinking a lot of these empty calories anyway). She thought adding salt to it would get rid of it. I remember an “experiment” I did years ago when I was stuck with a case of Zima and I thought that adding Kool-Aid might make it palatable. Instead, it erupted like a cherry volcano and was relatively flat afterwards. I only did it once, so it was far from scientific and close to nasty. Any ideas?

Shake the pschit out of it and release the pressure very slowly. Repeat if needed.

Bring a spoon and stir yourself to flat beer.

Or… get a second cup and pass the beer back and forth between them until it stops foaming.

Use two glasses and pour the beer back and forth between the two of them…this will degas the beer after a few pours (this is how brewers remove gas for gravity readings).

You could always brew your own flat beer, though you’d have to have some way of purging the bottles of oxygen as the carbonation process is what eats up the oxygen in the unfilled portion of the neck (though this is fairly simple with a good counter-pressure filler…just purge O2 and pour).