How to really, really respect someone's privacy

“I didn’t even know her last name until we went to Lamaze class.”

-Rae Carruth on the subject of Cherica Adams, the woman he was convicted of conspiring to kill.

Yea, I saw that. Just in case there was a person or two who had a positive opinion of him, he wanted to make sure to correct that, I guess.

My favorite was when he said “We were never boyfriend and girlfriend. … We slept together. … There was no conversation.”

Ok. Rae, really. I mean, you were just convicted of hiring some one to kill her, this woman whom you impregnated. and you don’t think of saying anything about how sad it is that she was cut down in the prime of life and in such a way that her (and your) son was harmed, but you want to make sure that we all understand that it wasn’t about her it was about sex? And you thought this would improve how you’re percieved?