How to receive broadcast TV - specifically Jeopardy

Do you know of any way to watch Jeopardy without paying high prices for cable or similar streaming service?
My antenna is not reliable. Sometimes the signal is OK but once the trees have more leaves it will be poor. The antenna is on the top of the house.
I have had YouTubeTV but that is hard to fit into the budget just for one show. I have Roku but see no channel that carries local broadcast channels.

Check the actual local stations that show Jeopardy and see if they do live streaming. Many do.

You might want to check out, if you haven’t already.

If Jeopardy! happens to air on a CBS affiliate in your area, you can probably livestream it through Paramount+. It’s not free, but it’s only (I think) $6 a month. Be sure to sign up for the Paramount+ option that includes access to the local affiliate broadcast, which is a dollar or two more than their cheapest package.

Assuming you have internet access, you can watch it on Youtube. However, the quality of the recordings are often subpar, to be charitable.

Thanks so much.

Also, I would keep checking. I live in the La Crosse, WI area, but it is considered the same market as Eau Claire. The station that carries Jeopardy is an Eau Clare station (happens to be NBC). The EC station is hard for me to receive. I actually watched most of my NBC from the Rochester, MN station (who happens to run a translator station in LSE). For many years I couldn’t watch Jeopardy!. But then the EC station added a translator in LSE as well.