How to recycle your home air conditioner


I have 4 or 5 of those old window air conidtioner units that I
need to get rid of. Since they have freon in them, I have to
have the freon “properly” removed, and have a sticker placed
on them…otherwise I can’t get rid of them.

I called Sears, and they said it will cost $95 for the guy to come
to my house, and then more for him to do his “technical” work.
I can’t believe this…is there something I’m missing? I’m going
to call around, but just wanted to see if anyone ever did this

Please don’t say to just smash it with a hammer…I’ll still need
the sticker :slight_smile:


Some towns have a “hazardous waste” drop-off spot where you can dump any number of icky substances. You might want to call your village hall or county folks and see if you have one.

thanks for the suggestion…I’ll try that. Doesn’t sound too
“environmentally-friendly”, but I’ll see what they say :slight_smile:

Do they still work? if so then sell or donate them.

Earth’s 911 has all sorts of good information about where to recycle things - including appliances that contain freon. Just search by zip code for what you want to get rid of, and voila!

What Kalhoun is talking about is a household hazardous waste disposal day or facility. These are specially set-up places for folks to get rid of their hazardous materials (like appliances, paint, and household chemicals) the proper way - through a licensed contractor. It sounds scarier than it is :slight_smile:

Do you know of a poorly-guarded dumpster? Take a little midnight drive. :wink: :wink:

Call around to places that sell used air conditioners. They might either buy them or take them for free.

Thanks for clarifying my statement, Winkie. That is exactly what I meant. These places have contracted with companies who will dispose of everything correctly. It’s the best way to get rid of paint, thinners, and all that funky stuff you accumulate. THere’s a place in Naperville, IL (I think) that does this year-round. My husband and his buddy are going to go there one of these weekends and dump tons of crap they’ve accumulated over the years. Thus clearing up the eyesore landscape of containers around my friggin’ garage. WooHOO!

Uh huh huh…I just had to quote that. Thanks :slight_smile:

We’re still looking…I’ll let you guys know what happens.