How to repair thermofoil cabinet?

I have a kitchen cabinet door and a drawer front which have badly damaged thermofoil coverings. The thermofoil covering is peeling, and in one case a large portion of it is missing entirely. The MDF material beneath the thermofoil is rather rough and not really amenable to having the thermofoil removed from the entire piece and then painting the piece. Plus, it would be very difficult to refinish these in a manner so that they match the surrounding cabinets. I cannot afford to reface the entire kitchen; I just want to repair these two pieces. I have not been able to find any local place that can repair thermofoil. Does anyone know of a place that can repair thermofoil? Thank you for your insight!

Well there’s a non-zero chance this place is local to you: Thermofoil Cabinet Door Repair : Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

Better answers will require you informing the thread where you’re located.

Thanks. I am in the Chicago area.