How to restrict web surfing on work PC?

So we have all new pooters at work. And one of the employees, who works unsupervised, has proved incapable of doing his work in favor of websurfing and downloading. My boss wants me to restrict this guy’s web access to all but two sites: IMDB and our distributor. Is there a way to do that?

This basic whitelisting technique for Internet Explorer (which I’m assuming you’re using) ought to do the trick. There are, as indicated, ways around it, but for your purposes simply making it very inconvenient should be sufficient.

Usually a warning, followed by a firing, takes care of that sort of thing, but as that doesn’t seem to be one of the options on the table, things like this will do the trick. Note that most (all?) of them can be gotten around by people who really know what they’re doing, but probably work sufficiently well for most people.

I agree, but my boss is constitutionally incapable of firing anyone. It’s always been a big problem for him, but it’s insurmountable now: the last time he got over it and fired someone, they hanged themselves.

Cool. That seems to work.

Now, is there a way to change a secondary windows profile to the administrator profile? (Yeah, this is not my area, obviously.) Rather than uninstall everything from the general signon that all employees use and reinstalling them on the administrator profile?

Thanks again, in advance.

Assuming I’m understanding what you want to do, it should be pretty easy–I’m assuming Win XP here; it should be similar for other flavors though there may be some slight differences. Log on to an existing Administrator account and open your Control Panel. Double-click the User Accounts icon, click Change an Account then select the account you wish to change permissions for. Select Change My Account and select the account type you want to assign to it, in this case, Computer Administrator. The click the Change Account Type button to finalize the changes