How to see if an MD lost their license?

I was discussing an old acquaintance with a friend. I knew the acquaintance had been an MD for many years. I was surprised when the friend mentioned …“ever since he lost his license…” The two had been close and I didn’t pursue the matter. Can you look up somewhere to see if a person still has their medical license?


You can in Florida:

I know he practiced in Ohio, and I think Texas.


Ah, here we go!

See if you can do a person search and narrow down a location, then go to the web page for the Medical Board of whatever state you think this person may be in.

Here’s a handy page with links to each states’ license lookup page.

Thanks for the helpful replies. I found out independently that they are still practicing and listed as board certified at the hospital. Specializing in geriatrics. Hmm, I might need a consultation!