How to sell a timeshare

About 20 years ago, my parents bought a couple timeshares. It was really nice at the time, back when we would vacation in Vegas twice a year. They were both paid off shortly after buying them. But Dad passed away a few years ago and we just don’t take those kinds of family vacations anymore. It’s time to get rid of the timeshares.

So how do I get rid of them? The place we got them with is all sold out so they don’t have a selling office anymore to help us. I do searches on selling timeshares and I get a bunch of companies who want a large fee upfront. That just seems very shady. If I was selling a house, I wouldn’t have to pay a fee upfront and wait for them to tell us how much we get.

Are there any reputable timeshare realtors that I can contact? Has anyone used one of the companies that require the upfront fee? I’m completely lost here and could use the Dope’s sage advice.

Make a great video of how wonderful the place is.
Send out invitations to a couple of hundred people you don’t know, offering them a VCR just to come watch the video.
When the video is over, make them stand in line to listen to your sales pitch before you will give them the VCR.
(It will cost you quite a few VCRs, but you’ll probably sell the property.)

Would anyone stand in line for a VCR these days? Maybe for a big flat screen TV, but a VCR??

I didn’t know timeshare sellers wanted a fee up front - dang! Would it make sense for you to post your own ads? That’s probably where I’d start. Good luck selling it!

There is a timeshare users group out there - I’d start by joining that board. I don’t know the address and I think there is a small fee to keep the board running - people there will know reputable resellers and probably tell you what they are worth.

Don’t expect 20 year timeshares to be worth much of anything unless they are from a company like maybe Marriott. Very few timeshares hold their value at all. A lot of them are dumped by stopping paying dues.

I think I’d have more luck if I got a bunch of cheap dvd players. And maybe some dinner vouchers. :slight_smile:

The timeshare has changed hands a few times. I’m not sure if it’s owned by RCI or Marriott anymore. I would think that they would have the resources to help sell it, but I’m also hearing things filtered through my mother. I need to get her to give me some of the paperwork so I can try to talk to them.

Any other good websites out there?


I don’t own a timeshare but have used the forums at the above site to rent last minute timeshares several times. They seem like a pretty good group of people and can give you pretty good advice about renting, selling or trading your timeshares.

You also might want to look at They list timeshares for rent and sale. Don’t know how well people do, but it’s another venue.

Here’s another one we’ve rented from that has for sale adds too:

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