How to send flowers internationally [changed title]

Does anyone know if you can send flowers internationally, like for someone’s birthday? I was curious because one of my friends B-day is coming up soon, and I want to surprise her… How much do you think it would cost, or could you redirect me to some sites?"international+flower+delivery"

first google hit. I can’t vouch for how reliable the site is, however. I just searched for “send flowers internationally”
Also, in the future, please make your thread titles a bit more descriptive - you’ll get more help that way.

Google “City my friend lives in” and “Florists”. Find a Florist in her town. Call them up, and ask if they do deliveries. They may be able to bill your credit card, or accept checks or money orders.

One word: Interflora

I’ve use the GiftsOfCourse site a few times without any problems. They have some nice (although somewhat pricey) gift sets too.


It helps to have descriptive titles. I’ve changed the title for you.

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I sent mine to a friend in england. I just searched the net for english flower shops that accept USA credit cards & it was easy.

You can send an FTD which I’m guessing stands for Florist Transworld delivery. Just call your local florist, describe what you want and have them send it (what they do is use a huge database, choose a florist in the area, and wire the order to them) You may have to give second and third choices as flower availability is not the same the world over. And of course, FTD has a cost above the price of the flowers.