How to silence snap buttons on outerwear?

I have a jacket with snap buttons down the front (in addition to the zipper) and the little rings inside the buttons rattle. Is there some way to shut them up while leaving the snaps functional?

Seems like a common issue that people might have a solution to, but it has been very tough to Google. I only seem to get results from car repair websites.

I was thinking I could try applying a little rubber cement with a toothpick, although my jar is all dried up.

Any other ideas?

Try rubbing some wax into the spaces. How loud can the snaps be and what are you doing that requires such stealth?

Hmm, wax. Do you mean like a candle, or carnauba wax?

The problem isn’t the click noise when fastening the snap. It’s the jingling/rattling noise when I am walking and the snaps are not fastened. It’s irritating.

Yeah, I’d try candle wax. Or soap, if you don’t have any wax.

The wax seems to work!

It didn’t want to take just rubbing it on, but I melted some and let it run into the groove where the rings sit. It has held up OK for several test snaps, so hopefully it will last a while.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I have a jacket where the snap buttons, they al;l have like a bronze ring inside which makes a jingling noise, when I walk or put the coat on etc, can you tell me step by step how to fix this please?


(Yes, I know it’s an old thread)
Have you tried the method mentioned in this thread? The OP had exactly the same question and said the answer given worked well.

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