How to spend my windfall?

Throw in a few extra bucks & get some lube. Just don’t read the reviews first.

Well, a couple of problems… It looks like this is double what I have on my gift card (I’m not good at math) and the site is for reptiles and this looks like a very hairy lizard.

I did a search though and found a some results with a slightly different spelling within my price range. The 413th hit for Kinky Jew was finally a female but she wasn’t willing to take an Amazon gift card.

Ah ha!, you found my ex, huh? Yeah, she prefers Saks Fifth Avenue cards.

Whenever I received a windfall, I saved 50% and spent the rest.

Now I’m 65 and comfortably retired. I own my house and have ample savings (e.g. enough to take a foreign holiday annually) on top of my pensions.

Good luck!

If it was me, I’d probably just end up spending the money on books; there’s always more books available on Amazon than I could read in my lifetime.

Update your wardrobe, get one in each color.

This + these and you’ll be properly equipped to yell at the neighbor kids to get off your lawn.

Go to The Dollar Store and make it fucking rain!

Buy lots of food on Amazon. You have to eat, and might as well use this to defray your grocery expenses. Other than that I have no ideas.

Hookers and blow is so 80’s.:eek::smiley:

We’ve grown and matured since then…Bacon and Weed.:cool:

Well I guess my dreams of Debbie Boone with her curling ironed bangs and a belly shot is out…I think I may be able to get some UTZ cheese balls and a clog dancer. That or a Galaxy watch.