How to spend my windfall?

I got some good advice on how to spend the billions I won from the lottery (although there is still some mix up on how they drew the wrong numbers so I don’t have the cash yet) so I figured I’d get some more advice for my current windfall.

I got a $300 gift card for Amazon for Christmas. I don’t really need anything, and I’m a jerk so don’t want so spend it on anything charitable or helpful to others or the environment. I checked and Amazon doesn’t sell hookers or blow so I’m kind of stumped.

Any ideas?

Sell it on ebay for $275?

Then I’d have to post another thread on how to spend $275.

Buy cool shoes. You don’t really need. That are totally inappropriate for anything you do. Or better, buy me a gift;).

Buy a $275 Amazon voucher.

I’m starting to think you aren’t taking this thread seriously.

THEN hookers and blow.

That is bordering on humanitarian, charitable, selfless, or nice… all of which I’m opposed to.

Do you have a Kindle? If not, get one. If you do, get e-books.

Get a Wireless Home Security Camera system so you can make sure your home is secure before the lottery figures out that screwup with the numbers and everything.

What a horrid, awful, practical idea! :mad:
Spud, may I suggest starting with:
[li]Toaster[/li][li]Extension cord[/li][li]Strawberry Pop-tarts[/li][li]Brick[/li][/ul]
Followed by:
[ul][li]Second toaster[/li][li]Different flavor of Pop-tarts[/li][/ul]

All to fight ignorance & for scientific purposes.

You can hate me. That’s okay. And I promise use my gift in the most dangerous and nefarious way possible. Just so you know.
ETA but really buy a bunch of crap from Amazon and throw a party. Invite bad people.

Did you even read your own OP? Seems to me that Mr Shine solved your problem.

That makes me feel better. I just ordered you 5,000 firecrackers and some fake dog poop. I sent it to Beckdawrek, c/o So Ark?

It should arrive soon.

5.1 Receiver/speaker system

If you already have a home theater setup, maybe get yourself some really nice high-end headphones.

Boy, do I have ideas.:wink:

I’m dull and find comfort in predictability nowadays; I’d set up a Subscribe & Save for every bit of household supply I’d think I needed more than one of in a year. Be a heck of a timesaver and maybe even free up time after the year’s up.

Buy something that can be bartered for hookers and blow.

[quote=“Spiderman, post:11, topic:826759”]

What a horrid, awful, practical idea! :mad:
Spud, may I suggest starting with:
A toaster that makes selfies.

How to spend my windfall?

Are you serious? The answer to your question is quite obvious:

[li]Purchase a baby kinkajou … because, who doesn’t want a baby kinkajou?!?[/li][li]Use your Amazon card to buy kinkajou chow[/li][/ol]