How to stop a dog from poo'ing in house?

I have a rather large black lab who has been great with going outside to poop the past two years. The past week or two she’s been going in one spot in the basement and I can’t figure out why. I correct her each time and scold her accordingly and she’s still doing it.

Naturally, I don’t approve of this. I don’t know why she’s starting to do this, it’s the third time this week. Though she’s scared to death of thunderstorms and we’ve been getting two a day for the past two weeks, there is still plenty of time for her to go out.
These are big steaming piles, too. She is a huge black lab,

How can I stop this?

Take her to the vet to make sure she is okay. (I would take a stool sample as well).

Dogs HATE to mess in their homes and usually will avoid it at all costs. My guess is it’s most likely a health issue.

First of all, you may want to get her checked by a vet to make sure the problem isn’t an organic one-- that is, a problem with her digestive tract. You may also want to consider getting her medication for her storm anxiety. My dog has it, and it can trigger behavior problems. My vet prescribed Valuim, which I give to her before storms start. It’s done her a world of good.

If neither seems to fix the problem, then it may be a behavioral issue. Are you correcting her while she’s pooping? Rubbing her nose in it and punishing her after the fact does nothing but confuse her. It can make the problem worse in some dogs: they think you’re punishing them for defecating (regardless of location) and will try to go somewhere to hide it.

Start re-training her just like she was a puppy. Take her out frequently, praising her and giving her treats when she eliminates outdoors. Crate her when you’re not at home, or constrict her to certain rooms where you know she won’t go.

She may not consider the basement part of the house if she doesn’t spend much time down there. If she’s been kenneled lately, or learned to go on cement, she may think that’s an okay place.

Be sure to clean the spot well with bleach to remove traces of smell, because that’s one reason dogs will go back to the same spot.

Will do, thanks very much. I wasn’t even thinking it could be a health problem. I will definitely be getting her check out. She is rather overweight and we’ve been trying to get it down. I don’t know her history, she wandered in about two years ago and was already overweight. We ran ads trying to find the owners, but nothing came of it.

My dog, who is afraid of thunder, will poo in one spot in the house if it has been thundering outside. We had her checked and it wasn’t a health problem.

It seems to be two problems. One is fear of thunder - if I go outside to poo, the great Growling Beast in the Sky will get me. The second is natural dog behavior - once a dog has pooped on a spot, the smell indicates to the dog that this is a reasonable place to poop again.

Breaking her of the habit has required a great deal of trial and error. The two most important things were the dog gate and praise for outside. We gated off the stairs to the place where she had been pooping, and let her pass through only under observation. And we started offering treats and a great deal of praise for trips to the back yard.

We also cleaned the hell out of the poop spot (after the third time, we actually took up the carpet). It has to have no smell… that a dog can detect. Yes, we used commercial No Go products, but it takes more than that.

I was thinking ammonia would keep her away. Think it would be dangerous, I figure she would probably smell it before getting too big a whiff of it.

Very bad idea. Urine smells like ammonia, and the smell of urine makes the dog (cats, too) think it’s OK to pee or poo there. Don’t rub her nose in the poo, either- that also reinforces “this place smells like poo, so I can poo here.”

What you want to do is to get all the smell of poo out of that area, so she doesn’t smell it and think it’s an OK place to poo. There are several products, such as Nature’s Miracle, that are designed to get those odors out. Your local pet supply store should have these.

If she’s just going in one place, you might try putting a food dish there- dogs (and cats) don’t like to go to the bathroom where they eat.