How to STOP immortality for life. Calling SF, KC Dopers

Alex Chiu’s addresses are:
Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
chiu, alex (AC2478) alexc@MYMAILSTATION.COM
alex chiu
po box 16547
san francisco, CA 94116
415 585 3825 (FAX) 415 587 3763

Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
XXI, Cyber (JC16310) support@CGIGURU.COM
Cyber XXI
119 North Parker, Box 161
Olathe, KS 66061
913-829-8099 (FAX) xxx-xxx-xxxx

Now, SF Dopers, on Tuesday, you go to his PO Box place and try to talk them into giving you his physical location (His mom’s sick! I really need to get ahold of Alex!!) and I’ll go to his server location (it’s about 10 miles from where I sit) and ‘talk some sense’ into them. Okay? Ready. Set.


I’m so tempted to email this thread over there and put the fear of Chiu into them.

Hey, I need supporters heyah!


I did a reverse lookup of the SF phone number you listed and got this:

1150 Plymouth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112-2314
Sorry, I’d firebomb his house, but I’m busy this weekend.

Also, for those who hate Chiu but love Stile, check this out:

Oh yeah, for those who are unfamiliar with our pal Alex Chiu:
And a reverse lookup on the KS phone number:

Layman,Michael A
1015 E Prairie Street
Olathe, KS 66061-3544

1015 E. Prairie, BTW, is about 100 ft from where I grew up for 12 years. Creepy. Very FREAKING creepy.

Anthy-pants, you in on it? Huh? Eh? C’mon! :wink: