How to stop iTunes from starting automatically? (WinXP)

Most programs which insert themselves into the Windows startup routine have a straightforward menu option which tells them not to start automatically. iTunes makes it impossible to find, if it’s even there. Anyone know how to get it not to start up with Windows?

Strange. My Itunes does not nor has it ever done that. From when I had an Ipod I seem to remember it having an option for automatically opening itunes when it’s connected. Do you always plug in your ipod before you boot up your computer?

One place to look is in the Startup folder (Start -> All Programs -> Startup), and delete a shortcut to iTunes if it’s there.

If not, start the msconfig utility (Start -> Run -> type in “msconfig” and click OK), click on the Startup tab and uncheck iTunes. You’ll be prompted that you should restart your system, and when you do restart, you’ll get a box saying something like “You have made changes to your system configuration”, with a check box that says “Don’t run the system configuration utility”. Check that, and that should be the end of it.

Easy Peasy.

Plug in your iPod and let iTunes start. Use the Help menu and click properties. This should bring up your iPod properties. For mine, there’s an option right there that starts/stops iTunes from opening automatically.


As this seems to have been answered, can I hijack with another question: I’ve got my Start menu arranged as I like it. Every time I start iTunes, it repositions itself as an entry at the bottom of the main Programs list, even though that’s not where I want it. How can I stop it meddling like this?

This will stop iTunes from automatically running when the iPod is plugged in, not when Windows starts up. As others have said, I don’t think there’s an option to do the latter.

Mine doesn’t, either.

Sorry, the question isn’t for me, so I’ll have to get back to you.