how to stop mom from yelling at you

OK, so my 17 year old son asked to borrow my car for 2 hours to visit friends. “I’ll be back by 6:30 at the latest, Mom”.

When he hadn’t showed up or called, I call his cell “Yea, I’m sorry, lost track of time I"m on my way now”. Since he was only supposed to be a 10 minute drive away, I expected him momentarily.

He enters at 7:30 pm. I’m about to let loose w/all of the traditional ‘mom’ things, when he says
“The good news is, I now know there’s no warrants out for my arrest”

(insert jaw dropping sound here) :eek: :eek:

Seems that, on his way back, he was driving on a main street, and a police car came zooming up behind him. He looked at the speedometer, saw he was doing the speed limit, but before he had a chance to sigh in relief, the lights went on and he had to pull over. He pulled onto a side street and waited.

The police officer approached the car w/his hand next to his gun. “Do you know why I pulled you over”

“Um. No??” he says.

Seems that a few moments before a car matching the description of mine had been reported stolen about 2 blocks from where he was stopped.

[comic book guy voice] Best excuse EVER[/comic book guy voice]

NOt the first time he’s done that, of course. Back when he was about 12, I was on a couple of School Board Committees that had meetings (about 2 hours long) in the evening. So, I’d leave him home, alone, with strict instructions “Stay in the house, do your homework” etc.

One night I came home to find him out on the street playing with a ball. “What are you doing out of the hou…” (didn’t get a chance to finish the sentence)

“Oh, the fireman told me to stay outside”.

:eek: :eek:

The carbon monoxide detector had gone off, he’d grabbed our cats and gone to the neighbors, called the gas company, heard they’d charge $30 to come check it out, then called the fire department.

Of course, when the fire department was checking out the house (how long had it been since I"d done the dishes or laundry…?), they asked “Where’s your mom?”

“I don’t know”

You are obviously a Good Parent.

When I came home from school my freshman year of high school to find water pouring out into the living room, I called a friend of mine, she helped me put out pots and pans to stop the flow of water, about 1/2 hour later a 10’ by 10’ chunk of the ceiling came down right where we were standing, we called the fire department, they shut off the electricity and water (in Michigan in January), and then a couple more friends came over to sit in the cold dark with me. I didn’t know where my dad or stepmother were. I didn’t have numbers for them. 6:30 came and went with no sign of either of them.

They finally showed up around 9.

My couple of friends left.

Then my dad yelled at me for letting strangers in the house while he wasn’t home. In the middle of the cold, dark, sodden living room at 9:30 at night with blown insulation, wood, and drywall everywhere, he yelled at me for letting strangers (one friend’s dad, who he did not know) into the house.

Thank you for NOT yelling at your kid for doing his best. It matters. Believe me.

Excuse me, the chunk of ceiling came down right where we had been standing, or I probably wouldn’t have cared about my father being a schmuck.

Hamadryad, your dad yelled at you for the most tricial thing in the face of what had happened? That’s just wrong! I’d like to think that if I ever have to face this situation when I have my own kids (a long way off), I’ll find other things to yell about! :smiley: Just kidding, of course… I’d try to remain calm and ask what had happened! I definitely wouldn’t rant about my kids letting people whom I didn’t know into the house!

So wring, does he get to keep using the car?

well, I can’t say this one was his fault. He had his own car :frowning: then got into an accident last winter (long story). He’s saving for another one. I’m hoping that it will be soon, 'cause for example, he’s working at a concert tonight, needs a ride home (we live out in the boonies) at 11:00 pm. Sigh (and I"d rather drive him then loan the car for that one, especially since he wouldn’t be able to park anywhere near the damn thing) it’s a concert sponsored by MTV, at MSU. but I digress. So, in some cases, yea, he’ll drive my car.

Hama - your dad sounds like a real schmuck. Sorry you had to deal w/that.

That reminds me of one time when I was in high school and I was having trouble with my car. A friend of mine from school drove me home and agreed to look at it. He messed around under the hood and discovered that the alternator was loose. He tightened it up (which solved the problem) for me. He had black grease all over his hands, so I let him into the house to wash his hands, then he left. Just as my mom was getting home. She yelled at me for letting him in the house. She said I should have made him use the hose.

Yeah right.