How to stop those little popup tabs on Youtube videos?

No, not additional actual windows, but those little rectangular message things that pop up inside the actual video window. Very aggravating, esp. when they apparently have nothing to do with the video that is currently playing (I had one for Justin Beiber come up during a Verve video just now). To kill the essobees you need to hunt for that little X-then a new one replaces the one you squashed a minute later.

Click on the gear and turn off ‘annotations’.

Can you be a little more step by step? i r dum

Click on this thing.
Then click on this thing.
Then do this.


Is there a way to turn them off permanently? Across the board? I know how to shut them off for a current video but then the next video it is on again.

Nope. You have to do it for every video.

Are you telling me they removed that option from the settings? Because I still see it. Under [your avatar] > YouTube Settings > Playback, uncheck the “Show annotations on videos” option.

Of course, this also means that any time a video tells you to click on something, it won’t work.

Went there, is or was unchecked, so I checked it then immediately unchecked and saved. Will see if It worked or not. Thanks.

When I click your link I see that option, but I can’t get to it any other way - weird. As above, I’ll see if it works permanently. Thanks.