How to tell you've been roleplaying too much...

I saw this license plate today:


And I thought “Seize the Dungeon Master?”


No one else roleplays too much?

There was a store around here for a while named “D&D Variety”. It was just a your normal corner store. Every time I drove by it I wanted to take a picture of it and photoshop swords, spell books, armor, etc into the window.
I never took the time and am still kicking myself

I wish I was roleplaying too much. I’ve been hankering to play a tabletop game for a while.

At the gym, I’ve started looking at weights in terms of STR ratings.

Last night I reached 13.

I haven’t played anything in a couple of years. I’ve been dying to play Rifts, Nightbane, or AD&D 2e (what can I say, It was my first system and I love it). Hell, I’ll even GM but, no. Conflicting schedules stop me from getting my old group back together.

Oooh. We have D&D Tire. I want to go there just for a receipt.

I may roleplay too much. I’ve lost all ability to tell.

At one point I was in 6 games a week. That was too much, I’m pretty sure.

I figured out that I over-think things.
I was playing a gameboy RPG where some dwarves at a forge mentioned that they had been kept too busy by the new rulers of the country to take outside orders. I turned to my wife who was idly watching me play and said “That’s terrible!” :mad:
She looked at me blankly. “What?” :confused:
I point to the exchange on the TV. “Not only do the conquerors of the country destroy it by war and keep edging the borders of the kingdom outward by conquering neighboring lands, but they’re also destroying the country’s economy by flooding the market with newly-minted currency! They’re monsters!” :frowning:
She just looked at me a second. “Doesn’t this forge specialize in weapons and armor?” :dubious:
“Oh. They meant too busy because they were making weapons and armor for the war efforts. Oops.” :smack:
She: :wally

That said, I think it would be a perfectly in-character thing for an extra-dimensional conqueror to do to a newly conquered land, and I expect to use that in a game very soon. I wonder if she will remember where I got the idea from.

That reminds me of a time when we made characters based on our real life stats.

If I knock something over or run into stuff, I’ll tell myself I failed my Dex check. If something breaks, it’s a critical fumble.