How to transfer information to employees/colleagues.

First, send a very clear, concice, email that stands out and is easy to understand.
Then repeat yourself verbally to all the people who didn’t read the email and generally don’t read emails.
Then repeat yourself again to the remainder of people too thick to remember you telling them three times before.

Then explain why you’re putting this all in the Pit.

God, Boyo Jim, isn’t it obvious??

First he sent out a clear concise email that was easy to understand.

Then he repeated himself to those who do not read emails.

Then he repeated himself again to the remainder of people too thick to remember being told three times before.

There’s where he made his critical error. He’d only told them two times before and didn’t realize that his third attempt was not a fourth attempt but instead was simply a reasonable and acceptable third attempt.

If only, oh if only he’d warned them and THEN made that fourth attempt. Then this would truly be Pit-Worthy.

And then print out the clear, concise email and staple it firmly to their foreheads.

You also forgot to mention that you can leave them a voicemail that they won’t listen to.

How to transfer information to employees/colleagues?
Use a larger hammer.

Lobsang, did you forget to put a cover letter on your TPS report again?!? Didn’t you get the memo?

Don’t worry, I am sure someone will forward you a copy of the memo.

Did you read this ? :wink:

Step 4: Threaten to staple it to the forehead of anyone who doesn’t get the message.

Step 5: Write the message on their car using a permanent marker or any handy key, screwdriver or other metallic object.

Step 6: A messy solution involving wood burning implements and their brains.

Step 7: Spell it out with smart cluster bombs.

A lot of people can’t get past step one.

I guess he sent the message telepathically the 3rd time, leading to the mysterious 3rd communication which followed 3 others. (?)

Step 4 (5?) Make a confusing post about your frustration on a public message board and avoid confronting people directly about their lack of attention. 'Cause lord knows I’m confident that Lobsang was clear with them. Just like he is with us.

Our IT guy lives for electronic media only.

He really, really, really hates it when I print out an e-mail and put it on his desk. That goes for Word documents too.

Not sure what he’s going to do the next time that I have a memo to send out.

And his gets delivered by the post office.

But I plan on finding out.