How to transfer money from Bank of America To Wells Fargo User?

Have their name and account number. How do i do this? I only done bank of america to bank of america transfers.

A Google search on “bank of america money transfer to wells fargo” has this as the fourth result.

Also, some banks today have these things called “bank branches” where you can go in and talk to someone coincidentally called a “teller.” They can be surprisingly helpful.

What do you think this is, the 21st Century? You write a paper check, and mail it through the post office to the person you want to transfer it to, the same as people did in the 19th Century. Or you pay $30 for a wire transfer.

You guys don’t have anything like Interac e-Transfer?

Edit: It looks like you do.

I think that what the OP wants to do is to simply go on to his account at BofA, tell them the name, routing number and account number of the recipient and have them transfer the amount directly. This makes sense as this is all the information they really need (they do this the same way your check is direct deposited, through Automated Clearing House). The reason they can’t do this (as I understand it) is because you (the recipient, not the sender) need to give your permission to receive funds in this way (and you need to give permission for each possible sender). A service like clearxchange has the recipient go to their bank and give permission before the funds are transferred. Transfers within the same bank do not use ACH and are not subject to the same rules.

Interesting. Interac e-Transfer handles this by providing an intermediary. The sender selects the amount and gives a recipient’s info. The recipient gets an email with a link. The recipient then clicks on the link to start the deposit process: choosing their bank, logging on to their online banking account, and depositing the money. Presumably this takes care of the “giving permission to receive” requirement, if it indeed exists in Canada; one has to sign up for the e-Transfer capability as an enhancement of online banking anyway (and obviously the bank has to offer the service and be hooked up to the network).

For non-Americans this is going to be another WTF banking thread, isn’t it?

Bank of America’s online website lets you do that with little effort, just type in the information.
Of course, you have to have established an online account.

…indeed. From past threads: it appears that US banks simply use different legacy systems and talking to each other is very difficult. In most places internationally: the process is very simple, log into your internet banking site, enter the account number that you want to pay into (It doesn’t have to belong to the same bank), the amount you want to pay, then press enter.

There are various person-to-person payment systems available through many US banks, such as Popmoney or clearXchange. You don’t even need to know the recipient’s account number to send money using these systems, but just need to know their email address or mobile phone number. The only reason this thread exists is that the OP didn’t bother to check what options his bank had for such payments.

…I’m not sure why you have chosen to be so rude. Bank to bank transfer is so easy and common world wide it doesn’t seem correct that in the United States you should either have to go see a teller or check for options other than bank to bank transfer. And to be frank: it is bizarre that two of the biggest banks in the world haven’t figured out a way to do what the OP is requesting.

I do this all the time, but I have a Bank of America Business account. I transfer to my personal Wells Fargo. Not sure if that makes a difference. At the top menu (on my account), there are options for Transfer Money: between Bank of America accounts, between Bank of America and your non-Bank of America accounts, and between your Bank of America and some one else’s bank account.

How mine is set up, when I wanted to transfer to MY outside account, it set it up so the money could go both ways. However, when transferring to another person’s account it is set up so the money can only flow 1 way. Also there is a fee on my account that is based on speed of transfer. I can do same day transfers for $25 or 3 day for $3.

In Thailand bank transfers (of up to $1300, IIRC) can be done from any ATM machine, as long as the machine belongs to either the receiving bank or the sending bank. Can this be done in U.S.A.?

Actually, for security reasons, if I add a new recipient like that, my bank will phone my mobile to make sure that it is really me, and not some scrote who got access to my online account, who wants to make the transfer. Once the recipient is established, then it is as simple as Bear describes.

Yes, I transfer money from my B of A personal account to my Citibank personal account all the time; it’s a three-business-day waiting period at the $3 fee. The receiving account, however, could easily belong to another person, as long as you have the right account and routing number.

It’s even easier than paying the Straight Dope membership fee. (Certainly no reason to write a check.)

US banks aren’t all on one commmon consumer-friendly platform yet, but more and more banks are bringing out easy to use transfer apps.

Chase calls theirs QuickPay, Wells Fargo has SurePay, and they all work rather similarly to PayPal. You just need a recipient’s name and email.

Someone sent money to me with one of these last year - I got an email from their bank inviting me to set up an account to receive the funds by entering my routing and account numbers, then the money was in my account two or three days later.

  • Open a paypal account
  • Connect it to your BOA account
  • Use paypal to send the cash to your friend’s email, the cash will come straight from your BOA
  • If your friend has paypal he can clickety clickety a deposit to his WF account, or have paypal send him a check

This is one way, however, jtur88 has the best idea… send him a check. No muss no fuss.

The QuickPay and SurePay services are actually the same. They are part of a P2P transfer service called clearXchange. The banks just call them by different names. clearXchange can work with any U.S. bank, but member banks (which include, Chase, Wells Fargo, Capital One, Bank of America, FirstBank and US Bank) make setup easier.

If, as in the case of the OP, both accounts are in clearXchange member banks (Bank of America and Wells Fargo in his/her case, you can skip registering at Just use your existing bank online login, and use the

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