How to unplug an RV microwave on a Jayco RV that won't come unplugged

I recently bought a new space heater for my RV that, I didn’t realize until it was too late, sucks up an enormous amount of power. When I tried to use the microwave at the same time, it apparently blew an internal fuse inside my microwave.

The problem is, I can’t figure out how to get the microwave unplugged. It seems to be bolted into place pretty good. I guess they didn’t want it jostling around while the vehicle was in motion, and they did an A+ job on that.

Any ideas?

Googling turns up several videos. It may or may not be easy to do. My friend tells me they make these things difficult to do for safety reasons and to avoid warranty claims. I don’t know about the latter reason but I certainly would want a microwave in an RV to be well secured.

A space heater drawing alot of power is not going to blow an internal fuse in your microwave.

Agreed. The OP should check his/her 110V breaker box for a tripped breaker.

If you use a micro AND a space heater AND a few other relatively low-draw items simultaneously, you could have tripped the breaker of whatever your RV is plugged INTO for power.

If you can’t unplug it, maybe you can turn off whichever circuitbreaker switch it is on.

Geek child #3 happens to be an RV mechanic. He says that RV microwaves are typically held in place by four face screws. The electrical plug will usually either be behind the microwave or behind a panel next to it (like inside a pantry next to the microwave). Usually they don’t try to hide it very well so look for a cord going into the wall.

Typically there are four #2 square screws holding the microwave into place.