How to view your Dash Cam video?

I just ordered a DVR-027 Dash Cam from an E-Bay seller. It ships from China so I won’t have it for three or four weeks. I just assumed it would have a monitor of some sort included but apparently not. My question is: Do I have to remove the camera from the car and connect it to my computer to view the stored video? Surely there is a more convenient way to do it.

The purpose of buying it to to have a silent witness to record insurance scam artists and highway outlaws that endanger everyone.

Does it record to removable memory? Like, an SD card?
If so, you just remove the card and plug it into a reader.
If not, you’ll have to attach a cable to the camera and plug it into your computer.

ETA: I looked it up, and it uses and SDHC card, so that’s the way to go…

Thanks for the info! If I want to have some kind of viewer in the car the I would need carry a tablet or laptop to insert the SDHC card?

I can’t find a DVR-027 on ebay that doesn’t have a local display.
Can you link to the one you got or a similar listing?

For how little these things cost, I wouldn’t mess with one without a playback display.

Depends on requirements. I’ve been meaning to get one, but I’d like it to be as small and unobtrusive as possible. That means no display. If you only care about the video after an accident or the like, it’s not too much of a problem to just take it to a computer.

The OP clearly wants a display and I think there shouldn’t be a compromise to do without based on price. I also think that it may be difficult to find a decent one without a display anymore.
Do you have one in mind?
What will you show the cop who responds to write the accident report and tickets for the guy who backed into you and is now claiming a rear ending?

I just re-read the details, it does have a fold-out display. My bad! :smack:

I’m not sure I want to show anything to the cop at the scene. Maybe I would mention that I have video evidence of the whole thing and he can ask the other driver if he wants to revise his story.

That said, this one is what I had in mind, but $230 is a bit steep (if it were <$100 I’d have bought it already). It has Wi-Fi, so I can use my phone as an interface if necessary.

I run a Cobra dash cam in both of my vehicles. The only way to view the video is to plug into a PC. If I needed video to keep me out of jail, I would mention the existence of video. Short of that, I wouldn’t mention anything. In many jurisdictions, video is considered surveillance. In most jurisdictions, video can be used to impeach a witness or rebut a lie.

One of the best reasons I have found for running the dash cam is that if I or my wife were to be confronted with a road rager, we simply point the camera at the person. In the one minor case I encountered, that caused the person to reconsider their anger and move on down the line.

I paid $79.00 each on Amazon.