How to watch UK Christmas specials in the US?

I like a lot of British television shows and they have a tradition of Christmas (or end-of-the-year) special episodes for many TV shows. I’m trying to figure out whether they will be available for viewing in the US, such as via one of the streaming services. This article from RadioTimes lists many of them. In particular, I’m interested in the following:

Bad Education
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year (although this is often available on YouTube)
Call the Midwife (though I already know that this one will be broadcast on PBS on Christmas evening)
Death in Paradise
The Detectorists
Doc Martin

Also, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Doctor Who, though I don’t know if they will have new episodes. Any other special shows worth watching?

(I’m willing to subscribe to one or more streaming service for a month just to watch these.)

I’d replace “often” with “always.” Same for Cats/Countdown, and most other panel shows. The most they tend to do is block them in the UK and claim them so they can run ads on them.

I don’t know about Cats/Countdown, but there is definitely no Christmas special this year for Doctor Who, as those won’t begin again until next year. And I see no evidence of a New Year’s Special, as the other 2023 specials are all listed with a November date.

Thank you for that. I found another one I want to watch; the original UK series Ghosts (on which the CBS sitcom is based), which will have a special episode on Christmas night. This is sort of part of the fourth series/season. The first three series are available on HBO Max but the fourth series, which aired the UK in September and October is not. So I think we’ll have to wait for HBO Max to get the fourth series.

I’d like to find a way to watch the Cambridge carol service.

I see there’s an older instance on Youtube (not sure how legal it is -looks like it’s from a DVD). But you should be aware that the (pre-recorded) TV version isn’t necessarily the same as you’d hear on the live radio broadcast (BBC Radio 4, at 3pm GMT on Christmas Eve - AFAIK it’s possible for people outside the UK to listen in, through their website or the BBC Sounds phone app.