How transferrable are bedbugs?

I just found out that a hotel that I was staying at last week had several reports on Tripadvisor of bedbugs at the same time that I was there, including in the rooms right next to mine.

But I didn’t have any bites at all when I was there (2 nights), and didn’t see any signs of bugs. What is the chance that I brought the bugs back with me to my home?

I’ve known people who got them just because they live in an apartment building where their neighbors got them. However that isn’t the same as having them hitch a ride in your luggage after two days.

Also just because you don’t see bites, I think they may still be there. Not everyone is allergic to the bites or notices them.

They’re extremely transferable. I’d read about what you can do to clean them off anything you brought with you (hottest wash/dry cycle (even maybe turning up your water heater first), I don’t know). Anything that can’t be washed, maybe leaving outdoors over the winter, if it gets cold enough in your location.

Bedbugs are incredibly difficult to get rid of once you have them in your house. If you did bring them home with you, maybe you’re lucky and they’re still contained to the items you brought with you or the room those things are in.

You can look into setting up a bed bug detector/trap with dry ice and see what you find and if you do find anything maybe consider calling in the pros now. Better to get deal with it now than after you try it yourself for a year and then give up.

Put your bags into the garage immediately, in black plastic bags with one of those No Pest strips.

In any area where the bags have been put out a no pest strip, if it’s safe (no pets, no food, not a sleeping area).

Bed bugs ex- posed to 113°F will die if they receive constant exposure to that temperature for 90 minutes or more. However, they will die within 20 minutes if exposed to 118°F. Interestingly, bed bug eggs must be exposed to 118°F for 90 minutes to reach 100% mortality.

Always check TripAdvisor before you go.

which hotel was it?

Bed bugs are transferable. They can be in your luggage or clothes. So in order to stop the bed bug infestation that you have in your home, you must call professional bed bug exterminators in CT, because getting rid of bed bugs by your own would be critical.

…or people got bitten by, say, mosquitoes, and then blamed bedbugs and wrote up about it on TA…

Reported anyway.

Only the dryer is necessary.

If you have things which can’t go in the dryer, you can get a collapsible heat box that plugs in and gets to the temperature necessary to kill them.

I’s been 4 months since the OP scared himself. I wonder if he ever found any bugs or just had the vapors over nothing?

I had them once in a hotel and I figured out that they want to be as close to you as possible which is already clear with a bed.

What I discovered is that more of them were underneath the chair that came with the room while I was using my laptop at the table. I just turned over the chair and killed them all. I actually defeated them that way.

They aren’t smart enough to hide somewhere far away in the room just to confuse you or planning to attack later. They want your blood and they won’t waste time.

I figure that the hotel had probably washed the carpets and shortly after got the bed bug infestation.

After a bit they realised that spraying surface spray to prevent cochroach infestaton,
while off label, has a side effect of preventing bed bugs.

They spray for a massive infestation of cockroachs (eg spray the skirting boards really thoroughly ) while the mattresses have no sheets… and the carpets and mattresses are no longer hospitable to bed bugs… So thats why the OP didn’t get bed bugs, its easily fixed…

People scared of insecticide and live with the roaches get bedbugs and dust mites.