How was Doctor Doom the "rightful ruler" of Latveria?

In Marvel’s What If?, issue #22 (, Doctor Doom becomes a hero instead of a villain. The point of divergence: In his college days, listened to Reed Richards’ advice on redoing his calculations on the device he built to contact the netherworld – with the result that he concluded the experiment without scarring his face and going mad. Another difference: He contacted his mother in Hell (i.e., Mephisto’s realm), and she told him he was the rightful ruler of Latveria! Which the country’s ruling prince confirmed when Doom led (actually, single-handedly executed) a rebellion against him. Doom then became the (very popular) king of Latveria.

Now, since this story depends on only the one moment of divergence, presumably Doom’s heredity in the main, canonical Marvel Universe is exactly the same. But nothing else I’ve read seems to support that. The Wikipedia article – – states he was a gypsy – the son of Roma heal Werner von Doom and his wife Cynthia, a witch. So . . . ?

Doom overthrew the incompetent King Rudolfo and become king that way.

Yes . . . but that ducks the question.

I don’t recall the ruling prince confirming anything, but my feeling about his mother’s statement is that she was speaking of destiny, not biology.

Also, since What If stories are outside Marvel continuity, that particular Doom could simply have some blood connection to the “legitimate” royal family which mainstream Doom lacks.

Yes . . . but only with respect to one particular point-of-divergence. I.e., if Doom was of royal blood, and that plot element did not depend on that particular POD, then he should still be of the same blood in the canonical Marvel Universe.

Yeah…well. he’s not, so there.

Anyway, what’s the quote by which the ruling prince supposedly confirms Doom’s claim to the throne? Until I see that, I’m still going with the destiny explanation.

I can’t find my OHOTMUDE, alas. But if I recall correctly, he has blood relationship to the previous rulers, who were overthrown by the current ones.
Faq confirmation of memory. Issue citation still missing.

Here’s the text:

Nothing in OHOTMU - Deluxe Edition, or the more recent OHOTMU - Fantastic Four 2005 implies that he had any legitimate claim to the throne, btw. I haven’t read through any of the on-going Books of Doom mini yet, though. If he had some kind of lineage, it would definitely be mentioned there.

My memories date from Marvel Saga/mid 80s, so I can’t say for sure if it’ll be in Books of Doom, or if it has been retconned.

Sorry, I’ve been out of comic books for a while now. OHOTMU?

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

The Deluxe Edition was… '86?

Trivia! Mark Waid’s first editing job was the DC equivalent, Who’s Who in the DC Universe. There are many foreshadows to his Flash work in there, including an obscure hero known as Quicksilver.