How was your 2015? Rate it 1-10.

Just curious to see what the results look like – 10 being wonderful & amazing & life-changing, 1 being miserable & disastrous, and 5 being just another year, some good and some bad.

(Mine was awful, maybe the worst on record, but I hope to hear about other people having a better time of it.)

The best that I can say about this year is that I didn’t come down with a terminal disease. Yet.

Lousy year in a lot ways. Things have been improving, but in total, blech.

About 2.5. Got dumped by a woman I was falling for, cut from my curling team, and no luck job hunting.

I’ve had worse.

Overall it sucked. So I gave 2015 a 3.

Grandmother died, my uncle committed suicide and my mother has given up on life despite my best efforts.

But I’m on my way to drunk for now, so here’s hoping next year works out.


I can’t complain, no major tragedies this year, and my life is pretty good right now.

I am concerned about next year. My father is 75 now, and lately he’s becoming confused. His wife is 85, and she’s more clear headed than he, but physically she’s not in great shape. If he continues to deteriorate I’m going to have to look into long term care for them.

One bad patch when the contract I was working under wasn’t renewed, but everything else has been fantastic but extremely stressful (moving, buying a house, new job, etc.). I gave it an 8.

Let’s just say I’m ready for 2016.

I have a little bit of a hard time feeling too bad for myself in 2015, because I know so many people worse off in so many ways. But it’s all different, and real in it’s own way.

  1. Lots of very painful physical problems and immobility.

The only thing keeping it from being a “1” is that we were finally allowed to get married. Thank you, Supreme Court.

I gave it a 3. Let’s see… My father died unexpectedly. I’m struggling with parenthood, especially with my son, who can be very difficult. My wife’s job continued to cause her – and by extension me – nothing but pain. Because of her job, we’re going to be forced to move in 2016, most likely to a city far from my mom and siblings. This will also probably mean that I’ll have to give up the teaching gig I just got, after several years of trying. For multiple reasons, my marriage is suffering, and I’m not sure we’re going to make it. I’ve been in counseling for over a year and finally started taking antidepressants.

On the plus side, we finally sold a house in another city we’ve been trying to unload since the housing collapse. We took a beating, but at least it’s someone else’s problem now. And I finally managed to wind up with the internal transfer I was shooting for, to a job I expect not to hate. But those things were good news in the way that removing a splinter is good news. Now if I could just do something about all these other damned splinters.

We’re healthy.

My father died. I still miss him and don’t really feel like anyone wants to hear me talk about it.

Our house renovation went badly to the amount of more money than I make in a year. We couldn’t afford to get married. What a goddamn fiasco.

But we’re healthy and employed so I rated it a 3. Worse things could happen.

Removed stupid list.

I gave it a 2, because it can always be worst.
I could be living in Texas.

I gave it a 6, because I started dating my S/O and bought my first home. But this year was rough, too. There were a lot of deaths in the family, found out I have a pretty awful medical condition, and was homeless (again) for a few months at the beginning of the year. But all in all, there was more good than bad. :slight_smile: Bring it on, 2016!

I give it a 5.

Divorce was finally final, which was a bigger downer than I expected. The separation and no-way-we-are-reconciling goes way back to 2013, but the final piece of paper was still just overall sad. I feel like I failed at something big, and that sucks.

On the other hand, great year for the career. New opportunity at a great company, and huge pay boost in addition.

No deaths or major illnesses in the family.

And I don’t live in Texas, either! :slight_smile:

I voted a 7. My two grandchildren give me lots of joy, so I try to focus on them and let the rest just flow off of me, but I had a very abrupt end to my job just a week ago and I’m starting a new job this morning. I’m a little anxious about it.

My brain feels like mush before I even start.

But I have it easy compared to most. I do hope our Texas dopers are okay.

Other than nearly getting my finger chopped off in the lawnmower no major medical problems. Kids are doing ok. Job - ok. Marriage - ok. Finances - ok.

Had a good vacation. Cant complain. 7

My wife retired, so that’s good. Remodel is behind us, that was nerve-wracking. Trip to New Orleans was spectacular!

We lost my Father in Law at age 92, and we lost our best friend Smokey the Cat at 19.

I can’t rate my year. It was too f-ed up. It started with my dad dying. That was hard–my parents are both dead now, and I don’t have any aunts or uncles. It’s just me, my wife and my daughter now.

But professionally, 2015 was the best year I have ever had. I had some professional accomplishments and made professional contacts that will, quite literally, alter the trajectory of my career for the foreseeable future.

Not sure how to weigh these against each other. So I won’t. Just hoping for less drama in 2016.

If I could have rated the first half of my year a zero, I would have. I think only my cat kept me alive.

Second half of the year got better when I was able to move home. But my job seems to be sliding into the same problems I had before, and after my stepson’s problems with violence and drugs, at this point our family is just holding together. 3. I am hoping next year will be better.