How Was Your Halloween?

we just had one this year … but this place isn’t too big on the door to door thing ….

We had about 45 kids, give or take a couple. A heavy rain started at about 7:30, which affected the turnout, I’m sure. That, and the fact that they have to climb 23 steps to get to our front door. One kid commented on the number of steps and another, having noted my gray hair and extra pounds, replied, “If she can do it, we can do it.” A little cheeky, perhaps, but I bear him no grudges.

I suspect other houses in the neighborhood saw more traffic, especially the one across the street (with only seven steps) that was decorated with cobwebs, a strobe light and mysterious smoke appearing to emanate from within.

Noir Kitty seemed to have a premonition that there would be a lot of strangers at our door. He took to his hidey hole well before the first Trick or Treaters arrived and stayed there until he deemed it safe to come out around ten.

We still have more than half of our candy left. I think I’ll see if a neighborhood merchant we know will take it for her customers.

In my sister’s neighborhood, they have what they call Trunk or Treat. Participants gather in the parking lot of their local park, decorate their car trunks and truck beds, then pass out candy to kids making the circuit there. It’s a safe environment and it sounds like everyone has a good time. I think there’s even a prize for the car with the best decorations.

That’s awesome! Good for him!

Great. Dinner with the wife at a local Indian restaurant. Two glasses of wine, and some good food. In bed by 9:30, as it had been a long day. It was indistinguishable from every other day, which is how I like it.

In 20 years in this house, no one has ever ventured down our driveway in search of candy, so about 15 years ago we started being quite comfortable ignoring the whole thing.

I’m visiting my daughter and there was a Halloween parade after dark (and all the trick-or-treating was before). I didn’t go the parade, but my daughter and her family did and the best thing they saw was a man dressed as Jean-Luc Picard. But this was not a random man dressed as Jean-Luc Picard but Patrick Stewart in the flesh, animating the costume he played in all the movies! He lives in Brooklyn in fact.

Our neighborhood (Hoboken, NJ) is a bit insane. They block off something like 2x5 blocks full of brownstones and the people who live in them go all out with the decorations. Lots of three story high inflatable Frankenstein monsters and armies of skeletons and whatnot. And, of course, thousands of trick or treaters.

Hoboken? Oh, I’m dying again! :slight_smile:

Only one group of 4 kids. I don’t get it, 'cause I’ve seen an increase of youngins around lately.

Where did they go? :confused: I decorated all up and everything. :frowning: