¿How were you introduced to the SDMB?

I’m quasi-newbie. I havent been here long but I feel at home. I read all this posts by all people of different races, ages, religous backgrounds and attitudes and I started wondering, how did all these people get together and tsrated co-existing?

I myself was inticed to join by a good friend of mine who moved away recently. He told me the place was always good for a laugh.

¿How did you find out about the SDMB?

I was introduced to the SDMB by a former co-worker who read Cecil’s columns.

I read his books, and one day, on a whim, typed ‘Cecil Adams Straight Dope’ into the search engine.


I had watched the show on A&E, came to the site one day. I had read the daily postings and Cecil’s responses to questions for quite a while. One day I wandered in here, and I have never gotten back out.

Lexi speaks the truth, this place is more addictive than caramel covered crack

Introduced by a buddy.

BTW Mercutio, this kind of thread (polling) normally goes in the IMHO forum. The Mods will probably move it soon.

I read the column in a local paper for a while, but when I moved the internet was the only place I could read the column. While I was here I wandered over to the message board, and decided to register.

This is really more of a MPSIMS thread, but since there is currently an active thread on the subject here, I’ll just close this copy.