How/why root my Galaxy S8?

I have a Galaxy S8 from T-mobile I recently unlocked and using it with Straight Talk on the AT&T network. But it keeps the notification for the T-mobile upgrade notification and pop-up for it. Not that big of a deal but wondering if I can clear it. Would rooting the phone clear this? Not to go too far into IMHO but are there good resources on doing it? And what exactly, hell generally, the benefits?

As always, thanks in advance.

There are tons of benefits of rooting a device. I do it whenever I possibly can. It gives me far more control over things.

One of the major benefits concerns a topic we are not allowed to discuss here.

If you are really serious about ad/site blocking and such then rooting is needed.

OTOH, done wrong it can seriously mess up your device. Possibly even “brick” it. (I.e., turn it into something as useful as a brick.)

If you don’t idea why you want to have root and all the benefits it provides (as well as the hazards), then you probably shouldn’t consider it.

(My experience level: I have a PhD in Computer Science and have been mucking with computers for mumble years. So I understand the terminology and everything.)

Forgot to give a link the the xda-developers forum for you device. You can read there about techniques such as rooting (and lesser things that might be not so hazardous) for your device. There should be a bunch of threads with people asking for help after a rooting gone bad. Take note.