How will Biden and a Democratic Congress approach Covid relief/stimulus?

Come what may next January 20, the coronavirus is certain to still be here with us, and the economy still just as shot to pieces as it is right now. And the Covid recession will last for years.

A Biden presidency + Democrats holding both houses of Congress is looking increasingly certain. So far, McConnell and many Senate Republicans have been loathe to embrace more coronavirus stimulus (McConnell said there would only be one more Covid relief bill, and it would be just $1 trillion, much smaller than the $3 trillion HEROES Act House Democrats were pushing for.) But if Biden and the D’s sweep into power, that could all change.

I am hoping we will see additional rounds of stimulus payments, maybe even some rudimentary form of UBI as an emergency measure. That being said, though, the national debt could be on pace to spike to $30 trillion or so in time if they did do so.

I’m not sure.

The ideal best case scenario is Biden passed health reform that covers 97-98% of people. Also the democrats could pass multi trillion dollar bills for infrastructure and green energy to create jobs.

I’m not sure what’ll happen with stimulus payments and UBI. I was under the impression there was an issue of people just saving the money they got rather than spending it.

From what I read, that was the case in 2008 or with prior stimuluses, but this year’s Covid stimulus came in such desperate times that many Americans simply burned right through it in mere weeks on groceries and essentials.

It depends on how long the medical crisis goes on and how bad the economic effects become. But I think we’re approaching the point of needing the equivalent of another New Deal; government work programs to get people back in jobs, some pretty heavy handed government regulation of the economy to get it back on track, and pretty extensive social services programs for people falling below the poverty line.