How will I print from an iPad?

They have a productivity suite on board. How do I get those pretty pages out into meatspace? Will I need a computer with installed software to do that?

I realize it is not out yet, but has the matter been mentioned anywhere?

Hmmm…it has built in WiFi, so perhaps printing over a network? It’s either that, or email it to yourself and print from a real PC, since it has no USB port, only a headphone jack and the power/data plug which is proprietary, IIRC.

Maybe they plan on making the iPrint, a little portable printer that will plug into the data/power port, or uses Bluetooth…didn’t they say they plan on releasing a Bluetooth keyboard for it?

IIRC the whole point of the closed system was to simplify the software. A major cause of problems with Windows, Vista especially, was poorly written drivers by third-party vendors.

I read somewhere this is why Apple did not put USB ports on the iPad - so they would not have to support (or let others write drivers) for 10,000 types of printer, webcam, external drives, digital cameras, etc…

I suspect you’re right - you’ll have to download it to a real computer to print.

There are apps for printing. See Print n Share and Print Magic. Print n Share requires you to install some software on the computer that the printer is connected to, but I believe that Print Magic can print directly to a WiFi-enabled printer.

It’s another step towards a paperless world. I’d guess that 99% of stuff we print out doesn’t need to be.

Ever seen the other end of an ipod power/data plug? It’s USB.

Excellent point. They should probably phase out the wi-fi for the next incarnation.

BUT the ipod end is proprietary and there is a lot of functionality that does not go over USB.

The iPod / iPhone / iPad are USB peripherals - they plug into a USB host, like a computer. None of the above devices are USB hosts - they can’t accept USB peripherals.

If I got an iPad, the main reason would be to remotely control my computer. (LogMeIn, Parallels Desktop and Mobile Me are just three apps available for doing this with both PC and Mac computers). Therefore, I’d be able to work on real desktop apps and print as if I was sitting at the computer.

(Frankly, I’m a little miffed that Apple didn’t play up remote access. $500 to play games and read books? WTF! But $500 to have my my entire office network in my pocket - anytime, anywhere? Sign me up.)

Bouv, the iPad should work with any Bluetooth keyboard, from what I’ve read, but Apple designed one specifically for iPad that includes a dock to hold the iPad at a good angle for doing your typing.

Do you really think that “sending a document to the printer” is one of those bits of functionality that Apple is holding close to its bosom and caressing to protect it from the unwashed masses?

Yes, the remote control aspect is neat. Get one of those rubber rollup keyboards, and a little stand, and you’re set anywhere.

The problem is the USB master needs the correct driver for every device that plugs in. Cheap peripheral vendors taking shortcuts writing bad drivers are a major source of problems for Windows. Jobs has decided to avoid that problem with the iPad. The other end of the cable to an iPod is a master; the iPod/iPhone/iPad is a peripheral. Whatever you plug it into needs the driver, not the device itself.

Makes sense to allow printing provided the device at the otehr end either runs a standard driver sw or accepts a standard format. Nothing wrong with demanding standards that work.

So basically a MacBook that you can’t fold shut. I’ll be rushing out to buy that.

No, it’s worse than that. A Macbook has a real operating system that can run full applications. This is just an iPhone that you can’t call from (or an oversized iPod touch if you will).

You can just pull up your document, then lay the iPad down on your copier and press “start”. Faster than regular printing!


In a thread talking about an entire suite of productivity software for the iPad that is specifically not available for the iPhone or Touch, your comment seems slightly misplaced, if not greatly misinformed.

Misplaced? Someone compared the iPad to the Macbook, which I said isn’t a good comparison and made a better one. Just because I’m not gushing over the iPad doesn’t mean my comment is misplaced.

Now you are thinking!

I wonder if that would actually work… I guess I could try with my iphone…

Yup. Bonjour is the way to print: