How will Persky's recall work?

The recall petition for Aaron Persky has apparently eclipsed the number needed for recall. However according to the article below he is actually up for reelection tommorow June 7, but doesn’t appear on the ballot because he is running unopposed. If the petition was started and signatures collected before the election date, would the recall default to this upcoming election?

I would imagine with current furor over the Turner trial it wouldn’t take much of an opponent to defeat him.

Also is there any kind of precedence for this situation? Has anyone had a successful recall petition complete the day before their unopposed election?

A recall petition is itself meaningless. It is an interim step in a long procedural process in California.

I don’t know if recalls can survive an election or a new petition must be initiated. But Persky has a long time yet in office no matter what the outcome of this petition is.