How Will the U.S. Meet Its End?

Nothing lasts forever. Empires crumble. Republics become dictatorships. Great civilizations lapse into obscurity.

The United States is riding high now – probably the greatest power the world has ever seen. The question is – when and how will it end?

Will it eventually be absorbed into a world union?
Will a dominant China in the 23rd century reduce it to a supplier of grain and cheap labor?
Will it gradually conquer more and more of the world, become a true empire, then a dictatorship, then slide into decay and internal warfare?
Will it be made irrelevant in a future dominated by multinational corporations and their private armies?


That’s a tough one. My guess, and this may not be for another 75 years or so (though sometimes it feels like it could be much closer) is that after some kind of world war where the U.S suffers major casualites, we will eventually submit a certain degree of our sovereignty to a world union. Eventually all countries will realize (just as the state did) that we have to be governed as one in order to survive.

I don’t disagree with Miguelon. There will ultimately be some diminishing of the sovereignty of the US.

But the thing the US has going for it, that other Empires/Republics/entities didn’t/don’t is the ability to ultimately change and change rather rapidly in political/economic/social time frames.

The inablitiy to change has been the downfall of most previous groups.

I don’t know. How long has China been around?

About sixty years, why do you ask?

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