How would Blacks or another racial group leaving American en mass affte the country?

Over the years I’ve had some people tell me that as a black man I should go back to Africa. So I was wondering what would happen if all the black people went back to Africa? What affect on the economy would this have positive or negative? What would happen if you could snap your fingers like Thanos from Infinity war and remove one of the large racial groups from America? This is not a racist tread I am wondering as a black man what the affect would be.:confused:

I can’t speak for the USA but I can’t even begin to imagine how horrific that would be for the UK.

We are a nation of mongrels and immigrants and much the richer for it.

House prices & unemployment would drop.

A lot more non-black people would need to be arrested to meet prison quotas.

Some place (Liberia maybe? Give it another go) would get a lot more crowded.

Losing 12% of the population would put a large dent in the economy. It would obviously be worse in some areas than in others. While not about African Americans or the US as a whole check out “A Day With Mexicans” the movie covers what they think would happen to California if all of the Mexicans disappeared over night.

That being said it would be an interesting thought experiment since it was pointed out in the Thanos thread that the population could be replaced fairly quickly. I’ll leave the hypothetical to a thread not in GD.

Well, sure, if every black person went specifically to Liberia.

if they spread out a bit more, you’re increasing the population of Africa by maybe three percent - an area the size of three USAs. It wouldn’t get much more crowded.

Unemployment would not go down. People create as many jobs as they occupy.

Do you have a citation for the existence of “prison quotas”?

To a degree, but I’d think that there are exceptions such as natural resources. Imagine an extreme circumstance where 99% of the American population left and the rest of the world’s food supply vanished. We’d have over 100% employment working on the farms to feed the rest of the world. But there’s only a certain number of farmers that the land will sustain.

The US GDP would go down by about 6% immediately. There would be chaos while the economy adjusted. Unemployment would go down, housing prices way down, median incomes would go up.

Professional sports would collapse, taking with them ESPN and most of the sports bars in the country. Say goodbye to BET and a large portion of the music industry as well.

The American armed forces would lose about a fifth of its members.

Prison Quotas Push Lawmakers To Fill Beds, Derail Reform. The infographic at the top of that link shows 12 states (not all of them red, and one of them that evil liberal California) that have guaranteed occupancy numbers for their for-profit prisons. Some prison operation corporations have sued states that haven’t maintained occupancy numbers for them (and we’re talking percentages in the 90s here).

How do you decide who’s black? My kids are mixed race, but they’re a real melting pot. Would they qualify/disappear (depending on how we’re doing this)? Do I get to go as a parent? Will we be applying the “one drop” rule? Is it based on how people look? How they identify? Where they live or behave?

So the states transfer people from the state prison to the private ones. That doesn’t mean judges and juries are going to convict more people just to fill the beds.

Um, definitely wrong. And this is far from the only case.

Note also that private prisons also pad out prisoners’ demerits with a lot of fiddly charges so that they get to keep those prisoners longer.

And on and on. It’s a very sleazy system.

Two corrupt judges from 10 years ago? Is that all you have, as far as facts are concerned?

The music industry would go for a transformation like never before.

Cf. German arts, professions, sciences. Jews.

I honestly have no idea why I thought providing you a cite to anything would help. And that’s about as far as I can go in GQ.

This was my first question also. 1 drop or > 50%; who is doing the measuring? Do those leaving also have to or get to take their entire live-in household also?
Assuming Black, short term the effect in Lincoln Park area of Chicago would not be as great as it would be in South Chicago. Hispanic would affect different neighborhoods the same. When 50-75% of the residents evacuate an area while other places have barely a ripple, the effects would vastly change.

Nebraska wins 7 straight football titles. Go Huskers!

GQ is about factual information, not overly broad assertions.