How would I book a holiday to North Korea?

I’m thinking of travelling to North Korea and to do some sight seeing. But how do I book a hotel and flight there? Help is needed. Many thanks in advance.

Here’s a start:

Lonely Planet is a good source of advice (check their forum pages).

Here are some accounts of westerners’ trips to NK. There’s one particular travelogue I’ve read that really stands out. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

Aha, it was in fact listed on the page of links I posted: Journey into Kimland by Scott Fisher. Absolutely fascinating.

Robert Jay Lifton’s book The World’s Most Dangerous Places has a chapter on N. Korea with both a narrative account and practical info. Note he classifies it as a “forbidden” and not “dangerous” place… provided you watch what you say and do.

Is there any mpegs I can watch online about N.Korea? I can’t find any :confused:

:smack: Robert Young Pelton. Duh. Sorry!


(The worst part is he’s a favorite author of mine… you’d think I’d get the name right.) :smack: