How would I go about getting cosmetic contact lenses?

OK, so I decided on a cool halloween costume this year (Gambit) and want to complete the look as best as possible. So, I would like to find cosmetic contact lenses that would make my eyes look like gambits (all black w a red iris.) I realize I might have to settle for less, but I looked a little bit online and did find lenses that changed the color or the white part of the eye, so I assume it can be done, I just haven’t found the right ones (I’ve found the opposite of what I need, red w/ black iris.)

So my first question is: is there a good place where I can just lok at many many different types of cosmetic lenses?

Second question: Since, as the sites I visited told me, lenses are regulatred by the FDA, a need a prescription to get them, even if they are not corrective lenses. So should I just go to a vision doctor and have him fit me for lenses, telling him upfront that they aren’t corrective, just for size? Will he do that? Or would I ahve to fake bad eyesight so I can get them? Of course, this then leads to worse problems, like the fact that if I fake it too much, I won’t be able to see whenI have the lenses on and may seriously f*ck up my eyesight. If I don’t fake enough, he might just say I don’t need to bother with lenses, so I really shouldn’t take that route, should I? (Last time I had them checked, my right eye was 20/20, my left eye was 20/30 or 20/40, so maybe I might qualify anyway.)

These things are a profit center for optometrists around Halloween. It’s also perfectly routine for people to get non-corrective lenses just to change their eye color. Tell that to your eye doctor and he/she will give you what you want. The lenses still have to be fitted to the shape of your eye. But it would be really silly to lie about your vision, and the doctor would probably catch you at it anyway. The worst thing would be to borrow somebody else’s lenses–that’s what would screw up your eyes.

Cautionary tale. Get them from an optometrist.

Yahoo shopping links. For cosmetic/costume contact lenses.

Ask him

Man, after seeing that guy I may have to rethink my costume…

Actually, I’m going for ‘less dumb looking’ Gambit from the Ultimate series. Just jeans, t-shirt, long coat, metal stick, and lots of playing cards.