How would Obama, if elected President, tear this country apart?

I just finished a conversation with an older relative of mine who made this assertion several times that if elected President, Obama would tear this country apart. How would this work? By what mechanism would he tear it apart? What could he do as president to tear it apart so it could not function? I want to understand what this is about, but could get no specifics from the person I talked to other than Obama is so far left he cannot lead and it is shameful he was elected to congress. (Would Keyes really have been more centrist?)

Can anyone tell he how this is supposed to come to pass?

My gf’s grandfather says it will encourage the blacks to rise up and take over. I have a growing suspicion he might be just an itsy bit racist.

He’s so far left that a plurality of the country has voted for him? That only makes sense if your relative things Pat Buchanan is a liberal.
Maybe you should tell him that he had better for Obama or all of us far lefties will riot. :rolleyes:

For some reason, I was just reminded of this scene from Clerks 2.

Alright, I’ll be the one…
As if the country is doing so great right now.

Were you trying to answer something and lost your train of thought, or trying to be funny? I honestly can’t tell.

That is ever soooooo funny.:D:D

Is he perhaps afraid that those Blacks he thinks will “rise up and take over” might do to him what his generation did to Blacks?

Tell him not to worry. The majority of Black people have moved past slavery and and the bigotry which still pertsist in some parts. We’ve learned to deal with it, believe that bigots and racists cannot help but be better people in time. They can only rise from their current deplorable condition.

The country would tear appart when the rabid right wing becomes unhinged perhaps?

I think they’re trying to tell you the ignorant and intolerant will be unhappy.

At his innaguration: “Where all da white women at?”

He said that McCain is and always has been a centrist and as such would be able to lead the whole country.

He’s Vietnamese, so I don’t really think that’s the issue. For whatever reason a lot of first generation SE Asian immigrants that I know seem to be rather racist (though most of them are at least a little less blatant about it then the aforementioned grandfather). Happily their children seem to be more open minded and properly embarrassed by their elders views.

I’m thinking Bill Ayers as Secretary of Defense. Arlo Guthrie as Secretary of State. Oprah as National Security Advisor. Tommy Chong as Secretary of Agriculture. Reverend Wright as Director of the CIA.

Something along those lines.

Wow! then I wonder why he would be afraid of blacks rising up and taking over. What would be so bad about that?

Nothing in theory.

People from other countries often do not have the same view of racism as people born and raised in the USA (or in my case Canada) do. Here, racism is commonly viewed as an evil. Most people suppress any racist feelings they might have. Racism acted upon in many contexts is a matter than can be referred to civil law, with severe punishments. To call someone a “Racist” is to call into question their very moral worth as a human. There is racism to be sure, but it’s not generally something you discuss in polite company.

**Simplicio’s **grandfather is from a place where racism is just more common and accepted. It is that way in much of the world; in many places racism is accepted truth, and racial distinctions are seen where you would see no different at all. I’m not excusing Simplicio’s grandfather but one should be sensitive to the fact that he grew up in a time and place where our sensibilities about racism were quite unknown.

Followed by, “Excuse me while I whip this out.”

Off-topic: That whole scene could fit Obama, right up to “Ohh, baby, you are so talented. …And they are so dumb.”

If there is any ‘tearing’, it’ll be because the bigots won’t stand for a black man/“Arab” in the White House.

Actually, I think Arlo should be the head of EPA. He knows a bit about why proper waste disposal is important.


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