How would older presidents (or other leaders) Fare in the 24/7 Newscycle

Obviously, with the 2016 American election coming up. there has been a huge amount of coverage so that literally every time a politician moves an eyelid there is a major report on it:D

I may be exaggerating this somewhat, but if you look at the 2 major candidates (Trump and Clinton), both of them have been heavily covered by the media covering both good and bad.

Suppose the same amount of media coverage was given to highly regarded presidents or other leaders in the past.
Would the general public have as good of an impression of them with the massive coverage

How would George Washington fare ?
How would Thomas Jefferson fare ?
How would Abraham Lincoln fare ?
How would Josef Stalin fare ? (Assuming he didn’t exile them to Siberia)
How would Adolf Hitler fare ?

(Interesting thing about Hitler is that he used to practice his speeches for hours so that he could get the crowd worked up and in real life on a one on one basis he was actually reserved and quiet so much that he was almost shy at times)

My opinion - Washington would do alright. He would probably adapt to this medias coverage and become a good statesman
Jefferson would probably do even better as he was quite a statesman from what I can see

Lincoln would be worse off. Some of the issues with his wife and being constantly followed by the media would downgrade his reputation

Stalin would love the Media and the attention and I suspect he would use it to make him even more feared

Hitler would be exposed as a goofy quirk and would have had trouble gaining and keeping power as most of his speeches were practiced and rehearsed beforehand. Being on live TV 24/7 would dampen his image

Any other opinion, or am I off-base with my analysis. Feel free to comment on any other major leader of the past

The media would’ve fawned over Washington and he’d probably find it distasteful.

Adams would’ve said “Get out of my face with that crap! I’m busy.”

Jefferson would’ve been tarred for Sally Hemings.

Lincoln would’ve been the same folksy jokester. (Mary, probably not so much.)

Stalin would just have any nosy reporters disappeared.

Goebbels would’ve been Hitler’s press secretary, and you still wouldn’t have seen Hitler.