how would shows no longer on air handle the recent situation?

I’m not sure if this subject has been dealt with already – couldn’t figure out a good way to search for it.

My question is how do you think TV shows that are no longer on the air would handle the recent events – the bombings, the attack on Afghanistan, anthrax, etc?

My question would go to include both comedies and dramas from all decades.

I bet “All in the Family” would have…they weren’t afraid of anything. :slight_smile:

And of course, Gilligan’s Island. The episode where the bombs accidentally land on the island. Skipper thinks he’s contracted anthrax and goes away to live on the other side of the island. And of course, Osama Bin Ladin lands on the island. The castaways, having no clue who he is, take him in, but are shocked upon hearing a radio report describing him. “But LOVEY, he was so classy!”

I wish Superman would’ve dealt with it…

All in the Family and The Jeffersons would have gone all the way. Not holding back anything and not be afraid to tell the truth.

It would have been interesting to see Archie and Meathead’s views on this war. Would they be at opposite ends? Would they agree?

Forget those old wussy shows, I wanna know what South Park is gonna do about it. Did anyone see the new episode last night? I regretfully missed it but I heard it was supposed to be called “Osama bin Laden has a small penis.”

Enterprise will now have somethng to add to it’s “List of Three,” which is a Trek cliche wherein if a character is referring to famous events in history, two of them should be real and recogizable to the audience, while the third is fictitious.

As in: “Sneak attacks have plagued manknd throughout history – Pearl Harbor, the World Trade Center, Space Station Epsilon 19.”

Sir Rhosis

[Ricky]Luuucy, you’ve got some splaaaaain’in to do![/Ricky]

[Wally]Gee, Beaver, I think you should tell dad what you did.[/Wally]

Beaver: Death to the infidel! Lumpy, attack that cur!Lumpy:(Rushing Wally) DIEEEEEE!!! ArghhhhH!!!

Early MASH*:

Late MASH*:

What about all the New York City cop shows?