How would this scam work?

Assuming it is a scam of course.

Australia and a neighbour received a communication, purportedly from Australia Post.

It states “A courier haven’t delivered item… A mailman have not deliver a package tou your place for the reason: receiver was absent”… “Use your package info and go to the post office to collect your package”
More broken English and a warning that a fee of $2.40 a day would accrue if the package wasn’t picked up.

Even though Australia Post do have some problems issuing a notice in such faulty language is not one of them
Now, if this notice was in the neighbours letter box I could understand that some thieves could watch the place and break in when he went to the post office. However, it came by email.

So what is the possible gain for the originators?

Was there an attachment? I’ve received a few like that purporting to be from UPS. There was a dodgy attachment I was supposed to open to get the information about the “package.”

There was a hotlink but in the picture my friend attached it opened to a picture of a packet of chilli cheezals.

No attachment.

I guess they could be hoping that people reply, giving them a hook to demand payment of the “fee.” And only the most gullible people would respond to something written so badly.

Thanks. I can’t see how people could be so gullible these days given the number of scams around- that is aside fron the Post even knowing your email address.

The link to the picture might be a tracker to verify a person read the e-mail. This may just be collection data on people for future business or scams.

Some web pages can push viruses or the like down to unprotected computers when the page is opened or called.

In addition to the tracking information noted above, your friend can add hacking or other worries.

I would recommend running a virus scan. Also not ever clicking on anything when you’re trying to find out more about dodgy emails.

After applying recently for a passport via the PO and having to give my email addie, I now get REGULAR correspondence from Her Majesty’s Postal Service. :frowning:

I had to apply for my UK Visa via their embassy in Manila. I have no idea why.

The vague reference to “the post office” should be enough tipoff. Which one? A genuine message, regardless of the fact that they wouldn’t send such an email in the first place, would give an address.