How would you alter your body if you could?

If you could have any physical appearance you chose, what changes if any would you make? I’m mostly satified with who I am but I would like to fine tune a few things:[ol][]I’ve been fat my whole life, and nothing I’ve ever done has changed that. I’d really like to be trim.[]I would like somewhat larger genitals. Nothing spectacular, but maybe 25% bigger.[]I would like my hair to be either straighter or curlier. Right now it’s default state is a wavy/frizzy inbetween.[]Oh, and straighter, whiter teeth without thousands of dollars of dental billsETA: how could I have forgotten about being nearsighted? Ditch the glasses.[/ol]

Um, you do realize that this is a significant increase, right? If your dong is five and a half inches long while erect, it will be 6.87 inches after a 25% increase. That’s big.

Let’s see…born with bad eyes, bad skin, bad hair, hrm…

Ok, if I had to fix just one thing, it’d be the skin, as that’s something that really, nothing can be done about.

Glasses I can live with or wear contacts
Hair I can color, so meh
The extra 40 pounds I earned myself, and can take off myself

Just…good skin would be nice.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’d forgo the bipolar disorder, thank you very much. It presents a major obstacle to many of life’s pleasures and pursuits.

I’d like a braid like the Na’vi, too. Is that allowed? :wink:

Better teeth. Don’t care enough to spend lots of money though.

My acne cleared when I was 16, and then my hair promptly started falling out. If I could get my hair back, I’d be immensely happy.

I’d like to be 5 inches taller; that way my weight would be just about right.

If I get to mold things the way I want, I’d swap some mass for some height. Maybe 5-6 inches or so. I can handle the glasses ok, and I’m more than adequate in other areas, so I’d finish with a full set of flawless pearlies.

I used to run. I haven’t for years. But I have dreams about running, and I love those dreams.

I want a body that will allow me to run.

I’d call it generous but not huge, unless I’m sadly mistaken about what the bell curve percentile is.

[ul]Perfect health
3-4 inches taller
Weight down to 200 or so

I’d like to be able to start/stop growing facial hair at will.

Really important ones only:

I want a new spine that does not have arthritis in it.
I want intestines that do not have lymphocytic colitis.
I want at least 50 pounds of fat to be gone permanently.
I want 20/20 vision. I’ve never had that and I bet it would be nice.

Actually, the final one isn’t that big a deal, as I’ve dealt with glasses since forever. The first three could be combined into one: I want back the body I had when I was 35.

Better skin and a larger chin. And 20/20 vision would be nice, just so’s I could save money on contact lenses.

Better teeth, mine are OK, my biggest problem is I had a lot of caps put on in the late 90s, of course over the years your natural teeth age and the caps don’t.

So now I have to replace the capped teeth at $700/tooth and I’m not crazy about it since the caps are perfectly fine. I tried to whiten the natural teeth but it still doesn’t match well.

Wish I could ditch the glasses.

And maybe be a bit taller. In general, though, I’m quite happy–I like my body a lot and think it’s quite svelte, etc.

I’d like to replace all the parts in my body with the analogous parts of a dragon. Then I would be fixed.

I’d settle for just tweaking the biological clock back to have the body I had at 25 or 26. I would show it all the love and appreciation I didn’t at the time.

Taller. I’d be taller.

What’s the belle curve for penis size, then?

In order of importance to me:
Flawless vision.
Perfect teeth.
Hair that didn’t do this shit… it borders between “hurrrrr, I just got out of bed!” and “HEY LOOK I’M AN ASTRONAUT!” and I can’t change that, no matter what I do, so I stopped trying.
I’d exchange fat mass for muscle mass, I’m working on that now, actually, so no biggie.