How would you consider this career decision?

I have been in my current job for many years, but the firm I work for has been taken over and we are currently in a transitional period.

The possibilities where I am are are

  1. redundant after transition (approx 6 months to a year) redundancy would be about a years take home

  2. role is designated to be part of a section of the business being sold on

  3. have long term role with the new organisation, based at a different location which would introduce a commute to my day (don’t have one now)

I have an alternative however, I have received a job offer for 10% more than I receive currently with an achievable realistic chance for 10% bonus on top of that. The commute would be comparable with option 3.

I am undecided whether to jump to the new job or wait around until the situation clarifies. If it wasnt for the prospect of the large redundancy I would be inclined to take the new role. This role is paying 20% more than other available jobs in my region in the same industry.

What would you consider when making this choice? I am thinking a definite extra 10% (possibly 20% if bonus is achieved) in the hand is worth a potential windfall in the bush.

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Take the new job. I understand about the money, but this way will be much less stressful. Unless you’re very high in demand, and it won’t be too hard to get another job later. But I would take the new job.

New job. From what you say, you’ll be better off.

Take the job. In less than 5 years (presuming regular raises) you’ll have made the redundancy amount in addition to your regular salary, and you won’t have to worry about finding a job after your money runs out. Take the pay raise and save for retirement.

Although how long a commute are you talking about?


25 miles each way, which I estimate equating to approaching £9 per day in my car. This should be offset somewhat by my having to travel to a more remote office 1 day a fortnight which would be claimable at 45pence per mile

Have verbally accepted. Waiting on the contract and reference checks before I resign from my current job.